Hello world!


OMG! I’ve actually done it! I’ve fallen down the virtual rabbit hole and joined the world of bloggers! YIKES! God only knows what will show up on these pages, depending on my mood on any given day. Since I live in Southern California, let’s hope it’s all sunshine and happy stuff. But watch out for the gremlins who sneak in when they are least expected. Crabby people make me crabby! And so do a lot of other things; bad politics (is there any other kind?), intolerant people, computer problems, to name a few. What makes me happy? Happy people (but not TOO happy-ECH!), a great book, time with my camera and mother nature, time to write, an interesting discussion and, for some time now, making jewelry. Yes, the time I spend in the studio with my jewelry-making tools makes me extremely happy. As I learn more about how this blogging thing works, I’ll begin showing photos of some of my work. I’ll also bore you with my thoughts, so watch out! I just may get in your head!!!


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