The temperature is considerably lower and there is a gorgeous ocean breeze. I am beside myself in the pleasure of it all. Windows open and teapot in front of me, my ankles are no longer swollen from heat. I know I’m a whiner when it comes to hot weatherEnglish Breakfast web, but there you have it. Give me snow to crunch through any day. Not that we get any of that in Southern California.

The “big fire”, as I call it, is now 56% contained and the firefighters feel that they are about to turn a corner on getting it under control. They have fought, and continue to fight, a fierce battle.

It is Labor Day in American. Hmmm….what shall I labor over. Perhaps some new pieces of jewelry. Yes, I think so…….right after I finish my tea.


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  1. I’m a baaaaaaaaaaad blogging buddy! But I finally got here and I love that teapot. Actually I love the whole set up, but I’d love it more if I could get one of those biscuits!

    • You may have as many biscuits as you’d like. In “blogging world”, there are no such things as calories, after all.

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