In celebration of the 39th anniversary of my birth (again), I have decided to throw myself a party. I haven’t had a birthday party since my sweet sixteenth, so I figure I’m due. This is not like any party you’ve attended, so hold on to your party hats and quiet your noisemakers while I explain.

This party is a virtual gathering of all of the wonderful friends and family I’ve been blessed with throughout my many 39th birthdays, and I’m asking for a present. I would be delighted if each of you would make a colorful fabric self-portrait of any size and shape (from the tiniest mug shot but not to exceed 13” on any one side), sign it (remembering the edge may be hidden in the seam) and send it to me. I specifically ask for fabric so that I may eventually stitch you all into one big party quilt. Stitch, draw, patch, paint, appliqué, photo transfer, but do it on a fabric foundation. You may embellish with whatever it takes to make it YOU. Don’t worry about your artistic ability compared to others. That’s what makes us unique! After all, this is meant to be a tongue-in-cheek stab at creating what you see in the mirror.

We spend a lifetime trying to “find ourselves”, to figure out who we are. For some, that moment of discovery is all too fleeting as dementia or Alzheimer’s sets in and personal identity begins to slowly slip away. Yes, this self-portrait of you is a present for me (selfishly), but for every one that I receive, I will make a donation to Alzheimer’s Foundation of America. Let’s strive to keep every human being healthy, physically and mentally, to the end of his or her natural life.

So that I will know when all have arrived, I will set a deadline for the portraits of April 1st…..yes, April Fools Day! I thank you, in advance, for participating in my birthday wish. I’ll look forward to finding each and every one of your faces in my mailbox very soon, beauty marks and all.

Happy Birthday To Me!


P.S. Watch for progress reports here!


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