Finding Your Face

Finding Your Face

I learned from Penny Sisto many years ago that there are faces in the fabric. It’s like staring at clouds and seeing “pictures” or looking at the lines in a marble wall and discovering people and animals. Yes, they are there! If you don’t know who the amazing artist Penny Sisto is, you’re in for a treat. Do get on the web and Google her name. You will be delighted to spend time viewing her wonderful portrait quilts, I promise. If you’re lucky, you may even find some sites that have her wonderful story-telling voice explaining some of her work. She is a lovely soul who, obviously, inspired me. I was fortunate to spend an entire week under her tutelage and left the workshop a different, and better, person for having spent time with her.

So, take a look at your fabric and see if you can find the beginning shades and shapes of a face. If this approach sounds intimidating, just take a plain piece of fabric and cut out the shape of your face. It’s just a first step and nothing is carved in stone.


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