They don’t call them eyeBALLS for nothing!


The thing we usually miss about eyeballs is that they are actually BALLS! They are not the shape of almonds until they get covered up by the eyelids. I first cut two large round balls from whitish fabric. Next, I chose a color that I thought represented my “greeny/goldy/browny” irises and cut out a smaller ball. My irises have a sort of charcoal rim around them, so I cut balls a little larger than the greeny ones and put them between the white and the green balls. All pupils are black, so that is a small ball added to the center. If you make this one too large, you’ll probably get arrested for possession of illegal substances. Don’t forget the little spark of white that comes from light reflection. Ta Da! I know they look like owl eyes at this point, but when we put the eyelids on (that’s next), you will be amazed. Also, the detail can be added with machine or hand stitching, so don’t worry about any of that yet.


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