My Friend Carol


Carol is a very accomplished graphic designer who sketches on her iPad like she was born with it in her hand. (I’m still trying to master Etch-a-Sketch.) She is also a jewelry artist who seems to thrive on engineering challenges. If there’s a problem, she will stick with it until it’s perfect!

When I asked her to tell me what she dreams of doing, she was hesitant at first. I said, “This is one of those if-you-were-a-tree kind of questions.” Here is her reply:

“Well if I were a tree I’d be an olive because of how they reach up all optimistically. But speaking as a human, I like the idea of becoming a digital gypsy and traveling with my computer and a hotspot to stay connected to my people. I could go anywhere and I could continue to do my graphic design work. I just need an Airstream and a gasoline credit card. And solar panels.”

Go Carol!


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