My Friend Suzi


If you knew Suzi like I know Suzi… would know that this fabric self-portrait looks JUST LIKE HER!!! Suzi is always adorned in high fashion with glasses to match her style. Her wonderful attire comes from her own line of ethnic-inspired clothing. A world traveler, Suzi buys textiles wherever she goes, and buttons, beads and baubles to compliment. You can see her wonderful work on her web site: She also has a great line of stylish, easy-to-wear jeans at I should know…I have one of each!

When asked what her secret goal in life is, Suzi answered,

“Well, that is interesting – my goals are really not secret – A)travel the world, which I am doing – I really want to go to Timbuktu and World Heritage sites in countries with great textiles, B)write a book on The Power of Adornment, C)write another book on Women of Style and their collections, D)be an assemblage artist (like Bettye Saar) and then E)open a store  my work plus my collections from around the world – working on those goals should keep me busy.”

Whew! Makes me tired just thinking about all of that!


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  1. Just fantastic, just a perfect reflection of what a colorful and interesting person she is, loved this as well as Joanell’s, another insightful and fun personality.

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