My Friend Mary Ellen


Mary Ellen is not only my friend, but also my sister-in-law. How lucky am I? She is always the life of the party with never a dull moment in her company. If you need a shopping buddy, drinking buddy, eating buddy….just call this ready and willing volunteer. I guarantee you will have a good time. But don’t forget to wear some bling or Mary Ellen will surely out shine you with those diamond earrings! (see quilt block)

Since she does not sew, Mary Ellen had no available fabric to make this block. Anyone else would have gone shopping or sent out an SOS, but not this girlfriend. Instead, she found a pair of her husband’s boxers and “borrowed” a hunk. I’d say his next outing could be a bit breezy.

I’m so happy to also have Sophie The Dog represented on my Friends Quilt. Sophie is the best dog ever and has spent many hours washing my tootsies with her very wet tongue.

When you read below about Mary Ellen’s secret desire, and also her life goal, you will know why she is so likeable. She does not hold back.

Straight from the horse…..uh….sister-in-law’s mouth:

Secret desire: but then it won’t be a secret!

I reckon it would be that I would like to “time travel ,” yup, that’s it, I would like to go back in time, and try to “right” some great historical “wrongs” i.e. Spanish Inquisition, Salem Witch trials, Civil War, election of Geo.W. Bush, etc.

Life goal: to weigh the weight listed on my drivers license, without getting sick!


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