My Friend Janae


I’ve decided that there’s no way I can improve on what Janae has to say about herself, so here it is in her own words:

“I was born and raised in Montana as one of 7 children (I’m number 3, but with the age gap between me and the 2 oldest, I’m really the oldest of the next 5. When all 7 of us are together, I get treated like I’m the oldest.).  Since my mom’s an only child, she really stressed the importance of family, and while it wasn’t great growing up as one of 7, I’ve found it to be quite an asset as an adult.  My sisters who are closest to me in age, are some of my best friends in the whole world.

I’ve always loved old things. I think it’s probably a big reason why I majored in history in college.  I grew up surrounded by family artifacts – TONS of things that belonged to my great-grandmothers.  My favorite color is 1930s Fiestaware green, inspired by a large mixing bowl that was once owned by my great-grandmother, who’s name is my middle name.  I collect antique china (3 sets, and TONS of mismatched plates.), silverware, linens, pottery (just certain shades and generally from the 30s and 40s), vintage clothing, and of course, vintage shoes.  My mom jokes that I went to college, majored in history, and use it to buy vintage shoes.  I generally only buy shoes from the late 30s and 40s – before the New Look came along.  Oh, and I love old furniture.  I love to refurbish old pieces with paint, except now, Matt says I can’t bring home anymore furniture because we have no place for it!  And I wish hats would come back into style.  I’ve always loved wearing hats and have the Arkansas Razorback hat that my grandpa (who’s from Arkansas) gave me when I was 6.

I’ve always loved jewelry.  I’ve no idea how many dimes I spent buying rings from those little machines outside our hardware store in Montana.  Even when I was little I was always looking for ways to make those rings more interesting.  I like old pieces — and I like to make old pieces new.  And found objects – my mom just sent me some old nails from a house that my third great-grandfather built, was used as a hospital during the Civil War, and unfortunately burned down in the early 80s.

I love doing genealogy – it’s a combination of 2 things that I love – family and history.

I tell Matt that we’re going to retire to Massachusetts, so I can docent American colonial/Revolutionary War tours because it’s my favorite time in American history.  Of course, being in an old city, there will be better finds at estate sales, lol.”

Janae does make fabulous jewelry using both old and new materials. Her enthusiasm is definitely contageous.


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