My Friend Phyllis


Phyllis is quite amazing and never fails to surprise me with her many talents. She was a teacher in the public school system for 32 years and covered various subjects. A highlight was when her journalism/yearbook students won the “Best Yearbook” award and drove around Redondo Beach yelling and screaming and tooting horns. Obviously, this was before cell phones.

Phyllis has traveled through Mexico and also Europe. She still hopes to visit Siam (Thailand) because she remembers reading “Anna and the King of Siam” when she was a girl and thought it sounded like a beautiful place.

In my jewelry class, Phyllis is the one who always challenges me with her projects. Not one to “go with the flow”, she continually invents new and exciting projects to boggle my mind and hers. We put our heads together and generally come up with the solutions to accomplish her vision.

Being retired has given Phyllis a chance to explore many new avenues, but she still has a rather lengthy bucket list including becoming a cinematographer. Go Phyllis!

I think you will agree that, despite her claim of not being able to sew, Phyllis has come up with a fabulous self-portrait in fabric to add to my Friends Quilt.


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