My Friend Adele


Adele I could write a book about my friendship with Adele. We’ve been great friends for more than forty years. Being pretty much right between my age and my mom’s, Adele was our mutual friend and partner in crime. The three of us have had some mighty adventures over the years, some of which I cannot repeat here.

Traveling with Adele, I saw more coffee shops, gas stations and rest areas in this country than I had ever planned on seeing. Stop for coffee, stop for the restroom, stop for coffee, stop for the restroom….and so on and so on. We would also stop for every freaking antique shop we could find. Adele’s motto was, “Buy it first and then worry about how you’ll get it home.” I took that to heart and many-a-time had to drive with my body pressed so tightly to the steering wheel that I could hardly take a breath, but the nice old piece of furniture pressing on the back of my seat was always a welcome addition to our home.

Adele is an amazing poet! I can’t express the delight at opening a package or a card from her and reading a poem composed just for me. Her quick wit and great sense of humor show up in her poetry and in every conversation we have. If laughter is the best medicine, I am well medicated!

No matter how long you know a person, there are always discoveries to be made. Adele tells me that she is a rock painter. Huh? How did I miss that? Adele, why is it that this good friend of yours does not own one of your painted rocks?

And when I asked her to share her greatest fantasy, this was her reply: GOOD GRIEF!!!  My fantasies walked out on me a long, long, time ago. Oh my! I think I’ve missed something! But not as much as I miss spending time with my dear friend Adele. Sadly, there are just too many miles between us. xo


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