How Can It Be August Already???


Steel braceletI know that a lot of you are thinking the same thing. Is it my age? Is time really going faster? My head is going in so many different directions these days that I hardly know what day it is before…OOPS!…that day is history. I am trying to fit in all of my creative endeavors and still keep the house clean and healthy meals on the table. Not to mention the laundry, grocery shopping, banking, etc, etc. If I win the lottery, I’m getting a PA (personal assistant) first thing.

I do love making jewelry and spend a good amount of time trying new tools and techniques. I’ve done a lot of wire work over the years, but I’m currently in love with steel wire, partly thanks to my mentor, Keith Lo Bue. Yes, I did say steel wire, the one from the hardware store!  Although it is not a “precious” metal, the finished pieces have a look and feel that rival any silver or gold piece…in my opinion. And because it ISN’T precious, I don’t have to worry about wasting the wire while working out the details of a new design. The wire is very easily bent into soft curves or squeezed into tight crimps and it forges like a dream. The very nature of steel wire lends itself beautifully to incorporation of my vast collection of found objects. From rusty, flattened bottle caps found on daily walks to old car parts from the junkyard, they all look great held together with steel wire. My mission will be to post some photos of new pieces as I finish them and, as always, your comments are welcome. Meanwhile, you can see some fantastic work in steel wire by visiting Keith Lo Bue’s site here:

Now, if I could just find some time for painting!


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  1. You got it, Joanell. I need a bigger anvil than I currently have so I can whack the %#!^ out of that steel!!! Plus, I am doing other metal pounding and just need a bigger target.

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