29 Faces, Day 7


Face 7Well, if nothing else, this project does have me blogging every day. It’s been so hot here that sketching seems exactly the kind of activity required to keep from moving too much and working up a sweat. If only I were free from other obligations. As Aerosmith’s Steven Tyler screams, Dream On, Dream On!

This poor girl has a lot to overcome as, like yesterday’s sketch, she was also drawn on a partially prepped journal page. This time, however, there was text on the page (notes from a workshop), scribbled hastily and then sloppily painted over to clean my brush of leftover paint. Not to worry, she will find her way.


3 responses »

  1. I often use my paint brush wipes as backgrounds for my greetings cards that I make. I think your background is beautiful, befitting the lovely drawing.

  2. HI It is finally getting a bit cooler YEAH!  Are you going to the teachers meeting tomorrow at the Art Center. ? Your face project seems to be fun for you, in my opinion ,for what ever it is worth, your best so far and my favorite is #5. I am enjoying seeing what you are doing. I am making two sided scarves and matching earrings so I am having fun too. chat soon I hope Terry


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