29 Faces, Day 9


Face 9Wow! I seem to be seeing faces EVERYWHERE! I opened my recycled road atlas journal to find a page to draw a face and landed on Boston. I’m here to tell you that Boston already has a face. Really!  Check it out! I immediately saw the shape of a side profile, complete with neck and hair. So I more or less outlined what I saw and then put in the eye, eyebrow, ear and lips. TA DA! Face complete! I’ll admit, that hair style is a bit Bart Simpson, but I’m going with it. Bart as a teenager, perhaps. Can’t wait to see what I find for Day 10!

You take Washington Street up the nose curve, left at the eyeball and right on up 93 to…..


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  1. Ooooh–this is a wild one. I don’t even quite know how to put it into words. But I love how the map is a part of her–growing out of her, or she”s growing out of it. Really cool!

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