29 Faces, Day 27


Face 27There is a lot of talk about developing individual style. Obviously, my art is all over the place. I know that I prefer the loose strokes of the face portrayed here, but I don’t always find that result in my work. Perhaps it depends on just who I am trying to please and what I think they expect. It is clear that a true artist produces work to please only her/himself. That is what I need to work on. That’s the place I’m seeking.

Last night’s painting session took place while watching television and in dim light. I like the result. Again, this is painted in my recycled book journal, starting with a layer of gesso and then diving right in with the paint brush. Golden acrylics yield such beautiful colors, which explains why I continue to go back to them. I’ve added some journaling as well as doodling, but I feel there’s more to be done. Always more to be done. And knowing when to quit is so important.


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