We Wear Different Faces


Different FacesYesterday, I had some sad news about a good friend. It made me realize how we wear many different faces, sometimes all in one day. Funny how a mood can change so quickly. There you are, minding your own business, laughing and having a good time, when…. WHACK! You are hit on the head with shocking news that sends you into a tailspin of sorrow and sadness.

Once you get past the ego part of this experience, you come to realize that, although it feels like it’s happening to you, it is really the subject of your sadness that needs the spotlight. She is the one suffering in the hospital bed while you go about your daily routine.

Please say a prayer, chant a blessing, send out good vibes or do a rain dance….whatever it takes…to get my friend Chris well again. I love you, Chris, and wish you well.



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