Remembering The Ancestors


Remembering The AncestorsThose very poignant moments, when you are remembering a loved one who has passed from this earth, can sometimes catch you by surprise. It’s the smallest thing that evokes a memory of a person or an event; a few notes of a favorite song, the taste of a dish your mother used to make, the smell of a flower. So difficult, in the beginning, to get over that feeling of sadness, I find that time really does change the reaction to such reminders. Often, I catch myself smiling as I remember comments made by those loved ones. That is a wonderful place to be…..where you can smile and enjoy the memory rather than feeling only sadness. Time does not make you forget, but it does help ease the pain.

In the style of Dia de Los Muertos (Day of the Dead), I have created this journal spread to remember and honor my ancestors.



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