Who’s Holding Your Ladder?


ladderSome days you just ooze with gratitude, right? And some days you can’t find  a thing in your life to be thankful for, or so it seems. There is always something, and more often someONE to be thankful for. I am a very fortunate person and I know it. I have a great life filled with people who care about me. And, as if that were not enough of a blessing, I also have many, many people about whom I care a great deal. Those special people make my life full and complete and I would not want to be on this ride without any one of them. It’s okay if you are overwhelmed with networking responsibilities and you decide to “unfriend” me online, but please don’t delete me from your life.

In the day to day, I am thankful for those who support me and my crazy whims. I am thankful for those who remain nearby when I’m not feeling so hot (or looking so good). I am thankful for those who would help me with a task, even hold my ladder, when they have something else they would really rather be doing.

Wishing you all a Thanksgiving filled with gratitude.


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    • Oh my! That brings back memories. You knew me when I used the bathtub for soaking grape vines to make wreaths. Now I’m into so many things that I need to schedule an appointment with myself to catch up. It would be WONDERFUL to have you across the street again. I need your push out the door to walk/run as I’m not doing so well on my own. Still missing you after all these years!

  1. Blogpress or whatever you use now has you coming through – Daily Japanese Textiles – or some such. I tried to figure it out. Now to settle down – i love your holding the ladder picture. I too am very fortunate to have friends and am so happy we are in this friendship together. I could go on and on but that is for another bottle of wine, down the road. I am thankful for you, my fabulous girl friends and for life. May we shower our friends with love. j

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