March Madness


basketball seasonOkay, there’s a reason they call it March Madness. My husband is a sports fan through and through; not just basketball, not just football, ALL SPORTS! He is what is know as a fanatic (FAN-addict…..get it?) and can recap just about any game, in any sport, that he has ever watched. That said, when March rolls around…LOOK OUT! Don’t get in his way, don’t ask him any questions and DON’T, under any circumstances, ask him to attend any event (even a family wedding) if it lands on the calendar at the same time as March Madness.

During “The Round of Sixty Four” (sixteen games a day!), he sat in his chair for two consecutive days from 9:00 am until 10:30 pm with hardly a movement toward sustenance and/or “watering”, if you know what I mean. Mind you, he does spend these hours of blurry-eyed bliss in his “man cave” which is stocked with all kinds of snacks, from pistachios to Dr. Pepper to Red Vines. So don’t worry that he isn’t getting anything healthy to eat during this…uh…madness.

Knowing that this is a special time of year for us as a couple, a friend gifted me the cute little pillow that you see pictured here. “We interrupt this marriage to bring you basketball season”…..must have been designed by someone with similar circumstances to mine. When Prince Charming jumped into bed last night, he began reciting basketball scores from the entire day, followed by the current standings and his predictions for the remainder of the tournament. How’s that for romance? Two minutes after the end of his recitation, he was snoring and I was now wide awake.

In closing, I must say that I know things could be worse (although nothing currently comes to mind). He really is a great guy. He even lets me deliver home-cooked meals to his chair (as long as I remain silent) and he’s more than willing to give me space to do my own thing. We’ve been married a long time and he’s a keeper. That’s why I call him Prince Charming.


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  1. Yup, hence the moniker Prince Charming…
    By the by, Witchita State just lost, and my Prince (recently home from the golf campaign in South Carolina) is sad.

  2. Pillows – a great method of communication – my DIL gave me one that says “brave in all things.” Makes me happy every time I see it (just like your blog) and keeps me trying.

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