Guns Don’t Kill People


gunsI’ve avoided watching the news at night for quite some time. I have enough trouble falling asleep as it is. Now I find excuses not to watch in the morning when they announce all of the killings that took place during the night. I guess I’d just rather not be up on current events if it means that my stomach is tied in knots over my morning cup of tea. Why is it so difficult for some to understand that guns are for one purpose only…to do harm. Why is it so important for some to own a gun? I don’t understand. Tell me how it makes you feel? Does it make you feel bigger? Stronger? More important? I just don’t get it. If there is a good reason, I want to know what it is. I’m trying to see it from your point of view. From where I’m standing, the whole world would be better off if suddenly a big gun magnet appeared overhead and sucked them all into the sky, out of reach. Since that’s not likely to happen, I know that I have to give up MY right to feel safe and secure so that YOUR right to bear arms can be satisfied. How does this make sense? Please tell me.


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  1. Guns can no longer protect the citizens against a corrupt, unjust government as their weapons far outpace a measly gun. Guns can however protect one against criminals with illegal weapons. As you say in your artwork “Guns don’t kill people” people do. If not a gun then a knife or bare hands. People who need (self-defense) or want to kill will always find a way. Society needs to change, and a good place to start is by not participating in war.

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