Be Good!


Be GoodWe all hear this as children. “Be good!” Over and over again. “Be good!” “Be good!” Now that I am an adult (and have been for some years), I’ve had time to reflect on just what “be good” means. Could it mean something different to a child than it means to an adult? Yes. Could it mean something different to one adult than to another? Yes. Basically, “be good” means nothing, if you think about it. Being good is a concept that is formed in each person’s head as their own ideal. Because being good comes from the heart, it is something that is learned through actions, not words. If your parents, or the people who raised you, were good, you probably will be too. Being good is a learned trait; it is taught by example. Rather than telling a child to “sit still and be good” or to “speak only when you are spoken to”, why not show them the goodness that comes from your heart. Show them how to be a good person by helping those in need. Teach them, by your good example, how to treat a friend with respect…a friend who has earned that respect. Help them to learn that love comes back to them from treating others with love and compassion. These sometimes subtle lessons just may be the shift that will allow your child to live a life filled with loving and being loved. So, let’s all be good…..good examples.


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