Self 2I must confess that I do not understand the selfie. To me, this self-serving act screams to the world “I want attention! I NEED attention!” What other purpose could it possibly serve? Are we so needy that we have to plaster our image all over the internet on a daily (sometimes hourly) basis? Then wait for comments? For validation? I just don’t get it. Sometimes “selfies” come in real life events. Yesterday, I was waiting to make a right turn, with two cars ahead of me and a string of them behind, while a group of high school students were crossing the street. It was a small group, maybe six, but one female student in particular stood out from the crowd. Taking her time and walking backwards to get right in the face of a good-looking male student, she danced and pranced like a bird looking to mate. She twirled and flung her arms, all the while glancing here and there to see who was watching. “Look at me!”, she seemed to scream. “I am beautiful! I am important! Tell me you love me!” Self. Me. All about ME! All the while she performed, the young man whose attention she was seeking seemed nervous, uneasy. When they reached the sidewalk at the other side and stepped up onto the curb, the young man, in a completely selfless act, turned and waved his hand as a gesture of thanks to the line of waiting cars. The sincere look on his face told me at once that this person was one of great character who had been raised in a way that he’d learned by example. (see yesterday’s post) He will make a fine mate for someone someday…..but I bet it won’t be the arm-flapping young woman walking before him. Nor, possibly, the one who posts a selfie an hour.


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