Market Day


Market DayOh how I wish that everyone could experience the joy of an open-air farm market! The pleasure of getting out in the sunshine and seeing all of the glorious colors that represent nutritious foods is something that I look forward to on a weekly basis. Even the most poverty stricken countries have farm markets where locally-grown fresh fruits and vegetables are shared and gossip is spread throughout the community. It is a place of social gathering as much as it is a place to stock up on the week’s groceries. If you don’t have an outdoor market like this in your area, PUSH for one! Whatever the work involved in accomplishing this, you will be happy you made the effort.


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  1. i love love these 2 pages. each one would make a wonderful card, guts and all. I would like this but not sure if i am liking the post, you or the advertisement i cannot seem to get rid of.

  2. farmers markets can be fabulous, i forget to go to the one in long beach sunday mornings. some day i will come see yours. I LIKE farmers markets, i like you , i like your art – i don’t like the big old advertisement for ISSUU that i cannot get rid of. i still love this weeks journal pages. love

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