Day 1 – Contemplation


Day1 30faces drips and splattersI have entered the challenge “30 faces in 30 days” and now the pressure’s on. Each day has a prompt, today’s being “Drips and Splashes”. To get started, I went to a journal that I’ve been working in and found a page that already had paint from cleaning off my brushes. (I do this at the end of a painting session….just clean everything off, brushes, palette knives, palette, stencils, onto an unused page or pages of a journal.) Very often, these paint spattered pages will suggest something to me. I might see a face or a figure, or perhaps just a space that needs a particular color of paint to get the ball rolling. Once I begin the process, things start to evolve in a way that sometimes makes me feel that I am not the one in control but just a vehicle for getting the paint where it needs to be. Having no plan allows for getting lost in the moment and it is very meditative. This intuitive painting makes me jump for joy as new discoveries emerge; one, then another, then another until, at last, I am satisfied with the composition. ‪#‎30faces30daysprompts‬ ‪#‎soulfulfaces‬


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