Honesty and Transparency


honesty-and-transparencyLast week in my Art Journaling class, we experimented with transparent paints and also adding glazing liquid to opaque paints to make them transparent. I do love how adding many layers of sheer color creates such depth in a painting. It seems the favorite paint of the day was quinacridone nickel azo gold. Something I use a lot of, and perhaps take for granted, became a new treasure in my students’ paint box. Hooray for new discoveries!


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  1. In your class we learned how to add layer after layer on our pages. Thanks for showing us how to “fix” a page we weren’t thrilled with. Several of the students worked on the project during the week and it was great seeing how they had progressed. I feel we all were very happy with the process and our final piece. THANKS for being such a generous and dedicated instructor!

  2. So, asked the idiot, do you glaze over dry opaque or mix opaque with glaze before putting it on paper. Since you say layer I guess you paint, dry, glaze, but, but …

    Gorgeous, by the way. Love layers.

    • Good question, Merrily! You mix the glazing liquid with the opaque acrylic paint on the palette. Depending on how much glazing liquid you use, you can make it very transparent or just a little transparent. Give it a try and let me know how it goes.

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