On Aging


AgingFunny how no one wants to admit their age, but everyone is talking about aging! In general, I think we see ourselves as “younger” at an age where we would have thought our parents to be old. I wonder, did they feel that way too, when comparing themselves to their parents? Perhaps we are living a fantasy, in total denial about our aging bodies and minds. Or perhaps, because we know more about healthy lifestyle, we are taking better care of ourselves and, therefore, ARE actually in a younger state than our parents were. I choose to believe the latter and I also choose to be proactive in keeping myself healthy and active; mind, body and spirit.

What do YOU have to say about aging?


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  1. Only 4 short years ago I came face to face with my mortality. The devastating news was delivered on my birthday no less, and now, as I approach my 56th birthday, I am grateful to be alive. What’s the quote, “Do not regret growing older. It is a privilege denied to many.” I love my salt and pepper locks and marvel at every wrinkle. I’m glad to have the experience of growing old and am determined to take the very best care of this one and only, unique, body, mind and spirit of mine.

    • KD, thank you for your lovely reminder of just how precious life truly is. Sometimes it takes a horrible scare to put things into proper perspective. I, for one, am so happy that you’ve made it to this birthday with many more to look forward to. Your art SINGS with your happy spirit! I’ll look forward to seeing more and more through the years.

  2. I am galloping into “oldessence”, I just read the word middlessense yesterday, defined as after adolescence, so … I have always wanted to retain my mental faculties such as they are, and I still do, but a recent health hiccup made me add “giving more respect to caring for my health”.

    • Oh no! I hope it was nothing serious, Jacki. And I’m glad you are paying attention to such things. We all run at breakneck speed and sometimes it takes a “smackdown” to get our attention. Love “oldessence” and will put it in my vocab.

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