Day 8 – Monochrome


Day 8 30 faces monocromaticOnce again, I have used a journal page that had paint already on it. Most of my pages end up with several different colors of paint, gesso, inks, etc. While flipping through, I spotted this one that had only red. Ta da! Monochrome! So I added the face with a little black and a little white…..and there you have it, my Day 8 entry.

P.S. It’s getting harder to keep up.


Day 7 -Animal Spirit


Day 7 - 30 faces Animal InstinctsI knew I’d saved these wonderful horns for good reason. Cut out of a magazine months ago, they have finally found a home in one of my many journals. We all have a bit of animal spirit within, I think, although I don’t believe I particularly identify with a ram. This prompt has given me food for thought and I will explore my animal spirit in more depth as I move forward in my journaling practice.

Day 6 – Twins


Day 6 - 30 faces twinsToday is Day 6 of the 30 faces in 30 days challenge. My painting today is strongly influenced and inspired by the work of Francoise de Felice, one of the world’s greatest artists, in my opinion. The women and girls in her paintings have a softness and a sadness that draws me in. I would love to depict emotion as she does so very well.

Day 2 – Dream


Day2 30 faces DreamWhen I started this face, there seemed to be a veil around her head, so she immediately became a bride. With all of the anxiety of planning a wedding, I can imagine that a bride might have a few nightmares along the way. Having had those “naked dreams” myself when feeling vulnerable and exposed, this is how the painting evolved. I figure, if this bride can live through the humiliation of WordPress, Facebook and Instagram, she’ll be able to handle whatever else comes her way.