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FriendsI have always treasured my friends. Those I’ve known most of my life as well as those I’ve met on my journey through life. With twenty two moves in my married lifetime, a lot of new friends have been collected along the way. The true friends are the ones who always keep the connection alive, even if just with an annual holiday greeting. An occasional get together with them finds you picking up right where you left off, with no uneasiness whatsoever. You know the type. The ones with whom you are willing to share more intimate details of your life. I am grateful for each and every one of my very supportive and caring friends.


Sleepless Nights


Sleepless NightsIt seems there is an epidemic of people having trouble sleeping these days. For many reasons, I am one of them. So, when I painted this face (inspired by Karen O’Brien), I immediately saw myself in the morning mirror, droopy eyes and all. I went online to find some brilliant text to accompany this weary vision of myself and was blown away by just how many songs have been written about sleepless nights. Really! Google it…you won’t believe it. How is your sleep these days…uh, nights? Any good natural remedies that you can recommend? I’ll be the one replying at 3 am.

Your Darkest Moments


Your Darkest MomentsThis is something I’ve come to realize. When everything is wonderful, it’s the greatest feeling in the world. This is when you float in a state of bliss which, of course, is a great feeling. There is nothing to learn here because there’s no improvement needed or wanted. This is what every human being desires. But when things are not so good, in those darkest hours of the night when sleep won’t come and you are left with your thoughts…..that is the gut check. That is when you need to pay attention because the often painful self-reflection comes and the lessons reveal themselves. Do not turn away from these moments where there is much to be learned.




Keep the ones that heard you... I have some of the greatest friends in the world. Some I have known virtually all my life and we are still connected. Others I have collected in my twenty two moves throughout the United States. Still others, I have come to know in different countries via various groups and/or artistic endeavors. Each friend has meaning in my life and I am thankful for all of them. But those who know my deepest thoughts without my even expressing them, those who automatically know where I would stand on certain issues, those who don’t have to ask to know my answers, those are the ones I hold most dear.