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Your Darkest Moments


Your Darkest MomentsThis is something I’ve come to realize. When everything is wonderful, it’s the greatest feeling in the world. This is when you float in a state of bliss which, of course, is a great feeling. There is nothing to learn here because there’s no improvement needed or wanted. This is what every human being desires. But when things are not so good, in those darkest hours of the night when sleep won’t come and you are left with your thoughts…..that is the gut check. That is when you need to pay attention because the often painful self-reflection comes and the lessons reveal themselves. Do not turn away from these moments where there is much to be learned.



My Friend Jody


Jody is an accomplished artist with lofty goals. She is passionate about painting and hopes someday to have her work shown at LACMA.

Traveling around Europe in the ‘60s, she found Rome to be her favorite city. She stayed in a convent there and enjoyed room, board and the use of a garage for less than $4 per day. Try that today, Jody!

Jody’s life revolves around her husband and their grandchildren. She hopes someday they can take a trip together to Bora Bora and enjoy snorkeling and the beautiful beaches of the Polynesian Motus. Continued good health to accomplish this mission is her goal.

Yes, Jody has red hair, but I don’t think I’ve ever seen her wearing pearls!