FriendsI have always treasured my friends. Those I’ve known most of my life as well as those I’ve met on my journey through life. With twenty two moves in my married lifetime, a lot of new friends have been collected along the way. The true friends are the ones who always keep the connection alive, even if just with an annual holiday greeting. An occasional get together with them finds you picking up right where you left off, with no uneasiness whatsoever. You know the type. The ones with whom you are willing to share more intimate details of your life. I am grateful for each and every one of my very supportive and caring friends.


Holding Together


Small book painting wmMy tiny travel journal had pages that got roughed up on the journey and were falling out. So I tore some old book pages and laid them across the seam, wabi sabi style. This made for great texture under the “painting” that I did next with Neocolor II crayons, Stabilo All and a waterbrush.



LookingSo grateful am I to have my little travel journal to get lost in. The tea bag papers and the tea stained papers that I worked on in the hotel room are proving invaluable with my limited supplies. Very often, those wonderful stains suggest faces or other mysterious shapes and I am immediately inspired. This one showed up almost on its own with just a few additional strokes of graphite. I will eventually add text to the other page when the mood strikes.



Waiting 2Working in my small travel journal while waiting for a decision that could change my life and the lives of other family members. I believe that I am a patient person, but this has been going on for some years and has been the cause of many sleepless nights for all involved. We know that his kind of stress over several years can take its toll on our good health, so we are trying to remain positive and keep a good attitude. Not so easy for us, and even harder for little ones who do not understand what is going on and why the wait is so long. With so many wonderful people sending good thoughts and prayers our way, we know we’ll get through this. Thank you friends and family.



Little travel bookThere is much to be said for traveling light. That is a skill that I, unfortunately, do not have. However, two days before my current trip, I suddenly had the urge to make a new book to work in while traveling. My time was limited, so I quickly took a full sheet of 140lb. watercolor paper and tore it in half again and again until I ended up with a nice little stack of papers to create my signatures. The book went together quickly and I liked the small, chunky feel of it in my hand. I stained all of the pages with walnut ink and added a long piece of sari ribbon to hold it closed.

In addition to my new book, I put the following items into my traveling art kit: small stack of collage papers, small  bottle of clear gesso, a few Neocolor II crayons, a couple of Stabilo All water soluble pencils, a water brush, glue stick, scissors and a graphite pencil. This very simple supply kit would serve me well for my 2 1/2 week trip.

Best laid plans….. As luck would have it, my trip has been extended by an additional month. I’ve used all of my collage papers so had to come up with an alternative. With my book being in dark values and having a bit of a “grunge” look, I decided to stain every bit of paper that I could collect with used tea bags and little packets of instant coffee readily available in my hotel room. Et voilĂ ! A whole new stack of collage papers with very interesting results.

I am so enjoying my exploration of this little book and the challenges of stretching my limited supplies. In the following days, I hope to show you some of the pages that I have completed.




Sleep with textWhat is keeping everyone up these days? It seems that everyone I talk to is having trouble sleeping. There is an epidemic of insomnia and I am among the many victims. Did you know that your brain actually cleans itself during sleep? This lack of sleep gives “dirty mind” a whole new meaning.

Sleepless Nights


Sleepless NightsIt seems there is an epidemic of people having trouble sleeping these days. For many reasons, I am one of them. So, when I painted this face (inspired by Karen O’Brien), I immediately saw myself in the morning mirror, droopy eyes and all. I went online to find some brilliant text to accompany this weary vision of myself and was blown away by just how many songs have been written about sleepless nights. Really! Google it…you won’t believe it. How is your sleep these days…uh, nights? Any good natural remedies that you can recommend? I’ll be the one replying at 3 am.